Drummer Jungkook Spreading The Rockstar Agenda in Latest BTS Performance, Why the Internet is Shutting Down

BTS have decided that this is the year that they will shock us out of our pandemic stupor with performances that are already recorded in history books! Who can forget MTV Unplugged, fans are barely recovering from the onslaught of visuals plus vocals, a deadly combo, I might Add! So several things happened all at once and without warning. Dynamite has never sounded so good! I mean it always sounds great but somehow, BTS manages to twist the performance, just when you think you have heard all the versions of the Billboard Hot 100, Grammy nominated hit, it hits you again like you are listening to it for the first time.

BTS joined the line-up for MusiCares’ Music on a Mission virtual concert which took place on 12th March and joined performers like Haim, H.E.R., Jhené Aiko and John Legend among other great artists.

The 14th Grammy performance will be BTS’s first solo performance at the music awards show and they are also nominated for their first Grammy, for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, for their disco pop chart topping song “Dynamite”

Two. We got DRUMMER JUNGKOOK out to smash our hearts into a billion pieces only to put it back together with his Kookie smile. Who knew you needed Drummer JK to sort out your life and make you pine for more of that blue hair! And to think it was all his own handy work, the blue hair, he said he dyed it himself! Is there anything this golden maknae cannot Do! Probably not.

“#BTSxMusiCares” became the number one trend in the world on Twitter, and “DRUMMER JUNGKOOK”and “DRUMMER JK” dominated the top worldwide trends, Jungkook’s versatility surprised the world, but didn’t surprise at the same time, he IS Jungkook after all.

Jungkook War of hormone photoshoot

It seems Jungkook has been giving us hints leading up to this moment, drummer jungkook, over the years we’ve seen glimpses of him dabbling in playing with drums, he even had a photo shoot posing with a drum set, so he has been preparing us all along, we saw and it never clicked in our minds, until today.

So what is all this rambling all about? BTS performed “Dynamite” at the Musicares charity event and no one was Ready! From BTS dressed in black awesomely fitting suits, to the stage, to Jungkook playing the drums, in his blue hair. Well, ARMY knows BTS brings blazing fire to every performance, they alway anticipate BTS to bring the fire, but are always awed, shocked, pleased and jaw drops because Bangtan really knows how to switch up your expectations when you least expect it, and then blow your mind!

BTS performing Dynamite
Jungkook playing drums

Four hours later after the performance the power this man holds… still trending

Watch the full performance

ARMYs how are we doing? Meanwhile ARMYs….

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