BTS’ V Learned Sign Language to Communicate With Deaf Fans & ARMY love Him for It

BTS’ V has shown time and again that ARMY are his beloved and he is always okay knowing that they are fine too. He has expressed several times that ARMY is what makes them because of their love and devotion to the band. In one of their episodes V said that whenever they are in concerts and he looks at the faces of the fans, they become more energized to perform even more. He even revealed to Jungkook during their one on one conversation in their “In The Soop” episode, that he had missed that close interaction with the fans during the pandemic as they were unable to perform on stage with a live audience.

Last year 2020, BTS was part of YouTube’s “Class of 2020” project, and the group gave their commencement speeches to graduates from the class of 2020 who were unable to have their own physical graduation. During V’s speech, he wished the graduates good luck and opportunity. At the end of his speech, V surprised fans by signing “applause,” showing that he is cheering for the graduates.

“If there’s anyone out there who cannot see where they should go from here forth, I urge you to listen to your heart. Things may feel a difficult right now, but somewhere out there, luck and opportunity is waiting for you. […] I look forward to the day you will stand and tell us your own story.” BTS V

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