Anderson Paak of Hit Song “Leave the Door Open” with Bruno Mars & Silk Sonic Retweet’s Fans’ Tweet About J-Hope Drummer Agenda

BTS fans (ARMY) always have fun threads of actions or words that the members use or say and they are always comparing the members to super heroes, cartoons, anime characters and even other celebrities. One such tweet was about J-Hope being given the opportunity to be a drummer since he always seems to be doing the drumming actions whenever he gets the chance. Which is not unexpected because J-Hope is never seated whenever they have interviews, he is either dancing, recreating characters or imitating characters, his dancer body does not allow him to be still!

RM mentioned during their pre-Grammy interview that they were listening to the song “Leave the door open” and J-Hope started mimicking the actions of drumming by Anderson Paak. A BTS fan then tweeted a thread of J-Hope doing the drumming action beside a short clip of Anderson Paak playing the drums in the music video. He wrote a whole thread about J-Hope tilted “Hoseok pulling the drummer agenda all by himself, a never ending saga” Anderson Paak then retweeted that thread on his twitter profile.

We live for the day BTS members will have a song or album where each of them are playing musical instruments. Jin and Suga play the piano, Jungkook has been practicing the guitar, Suga also plays the guitar, V had been practicing the saxophone and the violin, RM has not yet said whether he is practicing an instrument which would be the best surprise if he comes out knowing an instrument.

Watch the hit song

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