Singer Songwriter Pink Sweat$ Gushed Over BTS’ Jungkook Covering His Song “At My Worst” During His Record Breaking VLive

BTS’ Jungkook had a surprise VLive on February 27th which broke several records of its own. He chatted with fans while he ate a duck salad and drank lemon flavored Kombucha which got sold out from a certain store. During his live he said that he wanted to practice pop songs to as they will help improve his pronunciation. He started by asking if fans knew the song “At My Worst” “Its Pink Sweat’s song. Shal I sing a part? It’s a song I’ve been listening recently” he said then sang the song, acapella style. Fans loved the song very much. And since Jungkook was trending together with the keywords for the songs he sang during VLive, it caught the owner of the song Pink Sweat$ who took to Twitter to retweet Jungkook singing his song.

Pink Sweat$ became a musical artist after surviving a three-year battle with Achalasia. His stage name was adopted as he always wore pink sweatpants and was given the nickname “Pink Sweats”. He first started making music at the age of 19 as a demo vocalist at Sound Stigma Studios, where he discovered his love for songwriting and began to develop his career in music. He produced in different genres of music for rapper Tierra Whack and country duo Florida Georgia Line.

Pink Sweat$

On July 12, 2018, he released his first single “Honesty”, which later started to gain attention on streaming platforms, reaching number 10 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart. He released the second single “No Replacing You” on July 26. His debut EP Volume 1 was released on November 2, 2018, as the singer put out a music video for “Drama” later that month. He later followed this release with the sequel EP Volume 2. in 2021 he released “At My Worst” and later did a remix with Kehlani

BTS Jungkook during his VLive

The song ended up charting in several countries on several platforms as fans got interested in the song and loved it.

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