Here’s Why BTS ARMYs May Have Been Right About the GRAMMY Nominees & Performers Being in Los Angeles

On March 6th BTS ARMY trended the phrase “Where is BTS,” the reason being that someone had observed the timelines that BTS members were posting on their Weverse app. Apparently RM had posted that he was having dinner which was the opposite of the actual time in Korea which would be at 3 in the morning, they also noticed that Jin had on his brown Dynamite hair. There were those who believed it to be true and those who regarded it as being too much basing someone’s location based of what time difference they were posting. The theory could be true because of what rules the Grammy has put about performances for the big day

In an interview with the online Magazine, Variety the executive producer for the event revealed that, one of the conditions for the artists is that even if their performances are pre-taped, they couldn’t send in a video of themselves, they had to actually shoot at the Grammys venue. Co-executive producer Raj Kapoor explains:

“One of our mandates was that [performers] have to come to us and be part of our team and film in L.A.,” Kapoor says. “We’re not interested in doing a show that is disconnected. There’s a physical presence to it, of people performing live for the camera and being in a single location. Other shows may have used music videos and virtual reality and stuff, but ours is actually based in Los Angeles, where we usually celebrate the Grammys. It may be done in a different way, but it definitely feels like people are coming together to make this show.”

For one thing, some performances will be pre-recorded; And while honorees will gather in the same location, there will be four stages, each set up in the round with a small number of performers, nominees and guests grouped around it. A fifth stage will be for presenters. Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, BTS, Billie Eilish and Post Malone are among the 22 acts set to perform “in and around” the Los Angeles Convention Center

“The performers and nominees are each other’s audience, so it’s a room of incredible musicians, all safely distanced from each other, and every 45 minutes a new four groups come in and the [previous] four go out.”

Grammys Executive Producer Ben Winston said

Ben Winston declined to reveal how many performances were pre-recorded “You’re going to have to work out on the night what is and what isn’t live” — but, in an effort to sustain a sense of community, all of them took place at the convention center.

The COVID-protocol compliant will be very much followed as there are strict requirements to be followed;

“Everyone is tested every 48 hours; everyone has to wear PPE or face shields; there’s no eating and drinking; we all have to stay six to eight feet away from each other; there’s no shouting; there’s pipe and draping in the hallways to make sure there’s one-way traffic,” he says, pausing for breath. “We’ve spent countless hours making sure that safety is the No. 1 priority.”

Because BTS is going to the Grammys they have either not left yet and will be there on the actual Grammy day or they already went to LA to shoot their performance. Some of the shows are prerecorded but producers say that every Grammy performance has to happen at the Grammy Venue. There is a very high chance that ARMY’s observation about BTS being in LA is a very high possibility.

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