BTS’ Suga Donated 100 million won (approximately $87,980) On His Birthday to Support The Treatment Of Pediatric Cancer Patients

BTS’ Suga has always been a person who cares a lot about people especially those suffering. His words are always filled with comfort, positive messages and love. He once said that he was happy because he gets to do the kind of music that he wants. His music has always brought happiness, healing and self-discovery. He is one of the greatest rapper but the greatest human being. All the other members have always celebrated their birthdays by giving to charities that are close to their hearts. Suga is also a wholesome giver who has been active in philanthropy works. In 2014, Suga made a promise to buy his fans meat should he find success as a musical artist.

Four years later, on his 25th birthday, he donated beef to 39 orphanages as “ARMY.” For his 26th birthday in 2019, he donated KR ₩100,000,000 or US$88,000, to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation alongside 329 BT21 Shooky dolls.

In February 27, 2020, Suga donated KR ₩100,000,000 to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association for preventing COVID-19 and helping the difficulties from his hometown Daegu.

For his 2021 birthday, Suga donated KR ₩100,000,000 (approximately $87,980)  to treat patients with childhood cancer.

“We delivered the donation in the hope that it would do little to help children who are not receiving treatment due to difficult family life grow healthy and bright,” said Suga

“흠 is moving and very grateful, and we look forward to seeing such good influences spread throughout society. I am proud of the members of the BTS who are advancing the national bureau to a good stage. We will continue to support you as a beloved artist around the world.” Cho Ji Heum, Dongsan Hospital President of Keimyung University

Suga has spoken openly about mental health and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

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