BTS Jungkook Decided it’s “Payback Time” & It’s The Making of The Most Hilarious RUN BTS Episode Yet!

Today’s star awards for RUN BTS is the golden maknae, Jungkook! Episode 132 continues where it left off with members having 77 seconds debate while avoiding the forbidden words and actions. In episode 131, both V and Jin tapped the water jet deliberately when Jungkook was the moderator and so he had a LOT of water splashed on him. Jin even said that is anyone wants to get back at Jungkook then that was the time since he would get splashes with water as long as he sits on that hot, or rather cold seat.

This week, 9th March, the forbidden actions were harder to guess and there were moments where they were sprayed with water for a long few minutes until they figured it out or when the editors decides to let the forbidden action go.

The longest that they were all splashed with water was touching their hair, J-Hope kept pushing his hair back when water was dripping down his head until V noticed it and warned them.

Pointing fingers at other members was also a forbidden action that they took a while to figure out, though one or two times V unconsciously did it.

One of the forbidden actions that would get you splashed with water was touching your goggles with your bare hands. That forbidden actions took them a while to figure out!

At some point Jungkook figured it out, he laughed so hard hitting the table

He had to be sure that, that was the forbidden action by testing it out.

Once he was sure it was the forbidden action, he put it into practice and tested the waters

The look of the cat who ate the canary, like someone who knows something that the others do not, and he really knows a big secret. And that is when it all began…. revenge time…

He deliberately touched his goggles and watched as the members were confused about what the forbidden actions was.

Each time he touched his goggles and members were splashed with the water he would literally loose it laughing so hard!

The youngest was really having the time of his life!

When everybody else was trying to debate, he was busy playing with his new found weapon

Members kept asking what they could be doing wrong to get the punishment, meanwhile Jungkook…..

He must have been thinking how is it that they have not yet figured it out!

And he seemed to be enjoying the splash as well, he did nothing to avoid it

V was the one getting the bigger splash of them all since he was the moderator, he got bucketfuls of water, over and over again

Debate ended without anyone being none the wiser!

Jungkook had the most fun in this episode laughing his heart out. Well, revenge is best served cold, literally, well played maknae, well played.

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