Korean Illustrator Lee.K To Dispaly His Latest Artwork of BTS’ Jimin at The “FOCUS ART FAIR” In Paris, France

When they say Jimin is ART, they mean Jimin is ART. BTS’ Jimin is everyone’s muse whether artistically, musically, as a dancer, singer or as an individual. He inspires all round creativity for being the beautiful human that he is without much effort. He has been painted, moulded, drawn, and photographed and each time the end result is always the same, outstandingly ethereal.

Korean illustrator Lee. K updated his Instagram page with a post and story with a new oil and charcoal painting of Jimin. The new Jimin-inspired works of art will be displayed at the “FOCUS ART FAIR’ in Paris, France from April 23 to 25


Illustrator Lee.K, has confessed Jimin as his muse, and has been continuously creating Jimin-inspired artworks and incorporating them to exhibitions abroad for several years, unveiled his latest work on the 6th.

He titled the new artwork “2021 First Oil Painting JM,” and used blue and gray colors to express Jimin’s oriental and Western mysterious atmosphere with a fresh technique using rough touches.


Earlier in the year, artist Lee K released an illustration of Jimin’s face along a 2021 New Year’s greeting, expressing his unwavering affection for “Muse Jimin”. Lee K who has been featured in ‘The Denial of Language,’ has previously said,


“Jimin’s face is very oriental, but the lines from the neckline are thick and angular.” Lee. K

The artist has on his Instagram highlight dedicated to Jimin, titled “Muse” where he has 24 updates in his drawings/paintings on Jimin.


Earlier in 2019, Jimin’s work was quickly sold out at the Fold Gallery exhibition in London, England, and every exhibition he has held always draws attention.

In October, he held exhibitions in France, and in November, at the Benjamin Eck Gallery in Munich, Germany, with Jimin as his muse. Source

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