BTS “BE_Log”: Jung Ho-seok, Purple Embodiment, Stadium Tour Dreams, Dance With Me & Then My Studio Tour

BTS’ BE_Logs closes the files with J-Hope who’s let us into his space with the song “Dis-ease” playing in the background. His cheerful, final log is effectively tagged, “Multivitamin,” “Coming Soon,” and “Glass Jar” and is “recorded_by_jhope” since he is inside a studio. J-Hope truly embodies dance, because he starts us off briefly with clips of walking on the sidewalk, then into his studio where he is dancing sitting down then standing up to “Dis-ease”

J-Hope’s world is as colorful as his personality is, BTS have called him, the human vitamin because he energizes everyone.

J-Hope shows us clips of his photo shoot, and you guessed it, he’s dancing while being photographed, only J-Hope can have a photo shoot, dance and still have amazing still shots in the end, his dance skills always come in handy.

J-Hope then brings us on the behind the scenes of them practicing for the 2020 MAMA for the ON performance which was one of their best performances for an award show

0613” views represent the day BTS debuted while the seven ‘sevens‘ (or if you like seven million, seven hundred and seventy thousand, seven hundred and seventy seven) “7777777” which represents them being 7 members in BTS and having been together as singers in the band for 7 years, and of course the large purple heart represents ARMY and BTS’ color that binds them together

His love for the KAWS figurines is evident as he slides off leaving us with the shot of his amazing studio

All these BTS files and folders that BTS have given us bits and pieces, one is left to wonder, how many more memories do they have to share with us that are ;locked away in those folders? and how many unreleased songs are just locked away in their personal vaults and folders?

That is a question that only they can answer and maybe in the next season or comeback they will give us more. With BTS you only have scratched the surface of what makes them who they are, whether you have known them for 10 years, 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, 7 days, 7 hours or 7 minutes, there is still something new to discover

Watch the full log below

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