Worldwide Trends Are Occupied by BTS’ Jungkook as He Gives Another Surprise VLive, Trending at #1 With Over 1.2 Million Tweets

BTS’ Jungkook is currently trending at #1 with over 1.2 million tweets for his name “jungkook” alone, on Twitter as he hosts another VLive. He has 12 other keyword related words trending in several positions on the Twitter sphere. His hair is now a shade of Silver Grey and he looks pretty good. Jungkook’s related Keywords trended under “worldwide,” “k-pop,” “food,” and “rap” categories.

Jungkook woke up and chose violence, ARMY are still recovering from his blue haired live, just recently he caused fans to swear off sleep when he unexpectedly shared an unreleased audio clip for his bridge verse for their new song “Dis-ease” off their album “BE”

Jungkook world domination

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