“The Jimin” Becomes a Worldwide Trend for Hours After Overwhelming Responses About BTS’ Jimin on Zara Larsson’s Post

It all started with a comment, then MTV said something and “THE JIMIN” caught a life of its own.

On 6th March “The Jimin” went viral on the internet and stayed trending for over 20 hours in several countries. Zara Larsson, who is a Swedish singer posted a video of BTS “Dynamite” dance practice and commented  that the dance and look were so smooth and she can’t stop watching.

Comments started flooding in as people took notice of one particular person.

A Twitter user @_meradelima asked
“who is the dancer with the blonde hair? My eyes can’t stop following him. His dance is so smooth

Another user replied that it was Park Jimin

@_meradelima immediately replied with
“Oh. He is The Jimin. No wonder then. I feel his presence is so strong.”

MTV UK responded simply with,

okay but The Jimin”

And that’s how “The Jimin” Effect spread like wildfire and photos, videos and comments started flooding the worldwide web with the tag “THE JIMIN”

Due to the high number of resonses, shares and retweets, “The Jimin” officially started treding worldwide with several related key words.

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