It’s Official! BTS Will Be Performing at Music’s Biggest Night, The 63rd GRAMMY Awards

The recording academy has announced on its Twitter handle that BTS Will Be among those performing at the 63rd Grammy Awards, among other celebrities. The academy had tweeted a teaser to announce the performers and fans waited with bated breath for the announcement, and the news is exciting, BTS will light up the Grammy stage like “Dynamite”

This is the first time a Korean singer has been nominated and confirmed as a performer at the Grammy Awards, which is the’dream stage’ of any musician or artist.

It is always an artist’s dream and honor to be part of Music’s biggest night, the Grammys. BTS have had an amazing music career which has led to this very moment where the will get to perform on 14th March and not only that but they have also been nominated and it would even be more perfect if they get to hold that Grammy trophy.

This announcement BRINGS back “What Yoongi Wants Yoongi Gets” he wishes that they would get to perform on the unbelievable stage, and today dreams have come true. BTS have been working hard to produce music that had an impact in the world, their most important goal was always to change lives with music and speak of what was true to their hearts.

All the accolades that they have achieved have been in recognition of their talent, gifts and hard work. A Grammy win would just crown it all, and that will not be the end of BTS doing what they do best, speak to ARMYs hearts with their sincerity and love.

BTS join Cardi B, Doja Kat, Billy Eilish, Lil Baby, Dua Lipa, Chris Martin, John Mayer, Meghan the Stallion, Post Malone, Roddy Rich, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift

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