BTS “BE_Log”: Jeon Jung-kook, Painter’s Hands, Rainbow Brush Strokes & Then Purple Memories With JK

The second last BTS member to share his log files is the youngest of BTS, golden maknae Jungkook. His logs are tagged “Genius Super Genius” “Purple Hue Flowers” and “Funk & Soul,” the logs start off with their hit song “Dynamite” playing in the background. Jungkook is not called the golden maknae for no reason, he has shown that time and again that he is good at everything, anything he sets his mind to do he makes sure he is the best at it, add it to the fact that he does not settle for less, always the perfectionist. Jungkook gave ARMY the chance to show his creative process of how his art works come to life

BTS Jungkook takes us into his artistic mind and world as he starts off seating in front of a canvas surrounded by art supplies, paint, brushes and a whole lot of grungy artsy mood. A total painter ready with his tools of trade, if you will.

He starts painting with dollops of paint on the small canvas, this shows his artistic creativity and knowing what he wants out of the art work that he expects to present to the world. Jungkook paints like he dances, with precision, particular and yet drifting with the seamless simplicity of letting his heart lead the way, which seems to be the motivation behind his creations

He is usually immersed fully in the art work as he paints yet it seems to flow so effortlessly, he just sat down, did his signature “I’m thinking” pose and knew exactly what he wanted to draw on his canvas, what he wanted to create with the strokes from his hands.

Rainbow colors, purple color, Jungkook loves brightness just like his affectionate bubble personality that he always wants to share with fans. Him painting is a total contrast to him being on stage, when he is on stage he hits those dance moves hard! that you can feel the electricity course through him and you as the audience. When he paints, he’s so delicate you just want to protect him.

Watching him paint you feel like you are the brush strokes he is applying on the canvas, so delicately placed and being guided across the canvas leaving bits and pieces of the fine art work. His face is concentrated yet there’s that feel of perfect serendipity and calmness that fills your heart to the brim.

Jungkook gave us snippets of all the moments that he has painted his masterpieces

Jungkook finished by explaining his painting…

“I tried to express what’s in my heart. This tree… glows by itself. And there’s nothing next to it. But! It firmly remains in its place. And this tree is always glowing! Come look at this tree anytime!”


Signed, JK

Watch full log

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