We Will Be Honored If The Seven Of Us Can Return The Love We Received & Give More People Strength To Come Closer to “LOVE MYSELF” – BTS RM

On 5th March BTS and UNICEF officially announced the renewal of the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign to end violence around the world against youth and children. They made a special announcement via an official video on their respective YouTube channels. The BTS members each gave a speech about what the campaign means to them and how much they have benefited from it. Unfortunately Suga was not present during this occasion but RM expressed Suga’s sentiments well.

BTS’ RM talked about the campaign being something that they are proud of and although it comes with some responsibility, he knows that they are able to handle it because he has all the members with him.  He also spoke about being able to speak at the UN really opened up his eyes about the importance of the “LOVE MYSELF” Campaign.

“Thank you Executive Director Fore and Executive Director of UNICEF Korea Lee for your warm remarks. It’s very regretful that we cannot meet in person for this important occasion. It seems like yesterday that we held our signing ceremony and began the “LOVE MYSELF” Campaign, and to think that we’re already in our 5th year makes me recall that moment in 2017.”

“We are extremely moved and thankful that our “LOVE MYSELF” Campaign which began with small steps, is now being elevated to a multinational MCA partnership. We also strove to “LOVE MYSELF,” and I think we as a team and individuals grew as well.”

“I was honored with the opportunity to present two speeches at the UN which made me understand the importance of this campaign and experience how we are sending the “LOVE MYSELF” Campaign message steadily to people across the world. I constantly reminded myself of “LOVE MYSELF” and always tried to love more and I think all of our members feel the same way.”

“I’m proud of the next step of our “LOVE MYSELF” Campaign but also feel a great sense of responsibility. Still, I’m confident because I’m not alone, because I can continue this campaign with the embers of BTS. SUGA was very sad that he couldn’t be here today. But we know that SUGA like all of the members will be honored if the seven of us can continue this campaign and return the amazing love that we have received, and give even more people the strength to come closer to “LOVE MYSELF”

Watch the full speech

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