“LOVE MYSELF” Starts With a Message To Love Yourself But Ultimately It’s a Message Of Loving Each Other and Loving Everyone – BTS V

On 5th March BTS and UNICEF officially announced the renewal of the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign to end violence around the world against youth and children. They made a special announcement via an official video on their respective YouTube channels. The BTS members each gave a speech about what the campaign means to them and how much they have benefited from it. Unfortunately Suga was not present during this occasion but RM expressed Suga’s sentiments well.

BTS’ V came to the realization that the love that he is receiving is what has been making him love himself even more through the “LOVE YOURSELF” Campaign. His satisfaction comes from seeing his band members and everyone around him happy. V agrees that loving oneself is as a result of those around you sharing that love with you, and at the end of the day loving yourself is not a form of selfish love but what makes one able to love others.

“Everyone always mentions people around them when they talk about “LOVE MYSELF” and I can’t agree more. “LOVE MYSELF” starts with a message to love yourself, but ultimately it’s a message of loving each other and loving everyone.”

“I realized through “LOVE MYSELF” how much I’m receiving and that has made me love myself more and love others more.”

“I feel proud when I see not just myself and the members but many people around us become happy through “LOVE MYSELF”. I hope we can continue to spread the message of joy and health for all ARMY through the “LOVE MYSELF” Campaign”

Watch full speech

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