I Would Be Happy If I Can Just Be A Small Source Of Hope To Lots Of People Through “LOVE MYSELF” – BTS J-HOPE

On 5th March BTS and UNICEF officially announced the renewal of the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign to end violence around the world against youth and children. They made a special announcement via an official video on their respective YouTube channels. The BTS members each gave a speech about what the campaign means to them and how much they have benefited from it. Unfortunately Suga was not present during this occasion but RM expressed Suga’s sentiments well.

BTS J-Hope reminisces about their Love Myself concert tour where he called out fans to scream Love Myself and their response made him realize that there is power when people come together collectively with the same mind or intention. For him “LOVE MYSELF” gave him the chance to reflect on himself and learning to cherish himself and most importantly, love himself.

“Yes I can definitely relate to what you said about consoling and growing. I still remember how I really felt how I can “LOVE MYSELF” when I made my final comments at the “LOVE MYSELF” concert in April of 2019. I still can’t forget how I called out “LOVE YOURSELF” and ARMY answered “LOVE MYSELF.”

“There was incredible power made possible by people united in one thought and heart. I felt that just hearing “LOVE MYSELF” was energy to help love oneself. Its easy to neglect looking after yourself when you’re busy, but thanks to “LOVE MYSELF”, I was able to reflect on myself and learn to love and cherish myself. “

I think all of you felt how the love you receive from people around you can become the power that allows you to love yourself too.”

“Yes, loving yourself seems simple, but. It’s not at all. Everyone understand it in different ways and loves themselves in different ways. People also have different ways they spread love to those around them. If our campaign gives people, the chance to think about how they can love themselves and share love to others. I think that will be a great impact. I would be happy if I can just be a small source of hope to lots of people through “LOVE MYSELF”.”

Watch full speech

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