BTS “BE_Log”: Min Yoon-gi, Black Guitar, Black Silhouettes, Midnight Concerts & Then More Black Guitar Strings

Today’s BE_Log takes us to Suga’s world filled with silhouettes of black. From his black guitar, his black outfit and black and white shots, his love for the shade of classic all black. His log is tagged “Grasshopper” “Playing Around” and “I Remember” with a background of their hit song “Life Goes On” #played_by_Suga brings his theme for his log into life.

Suga embodies music, undiluted, pure music from the strings of a guitar. Suga starts us off with him relaxed playing the guitar from daylight then we get to see him playing next to a fireplace.

He shoots us in the heart with grungy dark boyfriend vibes wearing an all-black outfit carrying his black guitar

More guitar playing

Then more shots of him playing his guitar

He shows off his adorability in several shots where he is getting ready and that face that he does that is all levels of cuteness overload

Watch the full log

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