“ARMY” and “LOVE MYSELF” Are Words That Impart The Energy To Live in This World – BTS JUNGKOOK

On 5th March BTS and UNICEF officially announced the renewal of the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign to end violence around the world against youth and children. They made a special announcement via an official video on their respective YouTube channels. The BTS members each gave a speech about what the campaign means to them and how much they have benefited from it. Unfortunately Suga was not present during this occasion but RM expressed Suga’s sentiments well.

BTS Jungkook’s idea of what impacts the world and fills it with energy is their fans ARMY and the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign. He reveals that the message of the campaign was not necessarily just for everyone else but it spoke directly to him, it was what he told himself and needed to tell himself. His hope is that just one person gets to hear their message because he is happiest when fans can say that they got up on their feet because of the message of that campaign.

“”LOVE MYSELF” is both our message to the world and a message I always told myself, and had to tell myself.” “If someone asks me what words impart the energy to live in this world I would say “ARMY” and also “LOVE MYSELF”.”

“I am so happy when our fans say they were able to get back on their feet after hearing our message of “LOVE MYSELF”, and I hope that this message can continue to serve to invigorate everyone’s lives.”

“I’d like to make ourselves louder so that just one more person can hear the “LOVE MYSELF” message. I hope we can keep doing what we’re doing and voice what we’re voicing, so that you can be happy through us.”

Watch full speech

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