All Of Us Have Different Ways We Heal Ourselves & I’d Like To Help Everyone Find Their Own Way By Witnessing How We “LOVE MYSELF” – BTS JIN

On 5th March BTS and UNICEF officially announced the renewal of the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign to end violence around the world against youth and children. They made a special announcement via an official video on their respective YouTube channels. The BTS members each gave a speech about what the campaign means to them and how much they have benefited from it. Unfortunately Suga was not present during this occasion but RM expressed Suga’s sentiments well.

BTS’ Jin talked about how the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign has enabled him to find ways to love himself and it made him happy that he can share his journey of self-discovery with fans. He also added that loving himself has made him confident and his healing place is always whenever they perform at concerts.

“That’s rights, since we’ve put our name to this campaign, I thought I should be the first to follow the campaign message. I thought I should begin by loving myself more and always kept ‘LOVE MYSELF’ at the forefront of my thoughts and came to love myself more and more.

Learning to LOVE MYSELF made me happy and confident, and understanding how precious the people around me were made me more sincere in my relationships. I decide that I wanted to share my experience of growth and happiness through LOVE MYSELF with others.”

I want to share with everyone how we love ourselves. All of us have different ways we heal ourselves, and I’d like to help everyone find their own way by witnessing how we LOVE MYSELF, I am healed and consoled at every concert we hold, so I would like to send the LOVE MYSELF message through our concerts and be able to heal ourselves and each other together.

Watch full speech

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