BTS “BE_Log”: Kim Seok-jin, Food, A Fishing Boat Trip, Jungkook & Then Winter Selfie

BTS’s daily BE_log continues on day three. Today Jin is sharing folders of memories that he cherishes with their song “Stay” from the “BE” album as background music.  His BE_log is tagged, “The Man Who Eats, “Releasing Undisclosed File,” and “Splendid Today.” And it would not be a complete log if Jin is not eating or Jungkook makes a cameo appearance. And in true Jin fashion, he has a folder named “Worldwide Handsome” the true epitome of love thyself. After all he did tell us not to forget that ‘you are the biggest diamond in the room, and the person who is precious is the one looking back when staring into the mirror’

BTS BE_Log schedule

JinKook (Jin & Jungkook) is as solid as ever and their chaotic selves had to make it to Jin’s folders of memories. They are always bickering, teasing each other, play fighting, arguing, taking things from each other and most importantly, love each other so vigorously to the moon and back. Jin is always taking care of the youngest, while Jungkook is always praising the oldest in BTS.

Jin reminded us of his “Eat Jin’ series that he used to do from one of his folders. No one savors and enjoys food like Jin, the way he eats you would want to eat some more even if you are already full. He makes eating to seem like such a pleasurable event that should not be hurried but fully enjoyed bite, by bite, by delicious bite.

Jin’s love for fishing is widely known as he wants to go fishing every chance he gets. Fishing is calming and gives you the chance to gather your thought process and let go of some of life’s worries. he sits in the captains’ chair with a captain’s hat and takes a selfie, always adding moments to his memories folders. Nothing more wholesome than watching Jin’s excited face when he catches that fish.

Jin’s log ends with clips of their MAMA 2020 preparations and their Winter Package photo shoot. We have gone full circle with Jin’s memory folders and he looks happy, one with nature, what we love to see.  

Watch the full log below

Captain Jin and directed_by_Jin were on top 10 of worldwide trends after Jin’s log was released

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