BTS Jungkook “Snitching” on J-Hope is The Cutest Thing You Will Ever See on RUN BTS

BTS J-Hope and Jungkook have a great dynamic in their friendship, where the two of them can be serious especially when it comes to dancing. But they do get into their chaotic selves and fun side whenever they are relaxed. One thing is certain that Jungkook loves his hyung very much, he got him a hand drawn self portrait for his birthday!

BTS J-Hope

Then comes RUN BTS, where the very competitive side of the boys comes hitting hard. It is official that their latest episode 131 was high up on the scale of chaotic, funny and simply entertaining. In the episode, the members had several debates for 11 seconds while trying to avoid being splashes with water for saying or doing forbidden actions.

BTS Jungkook

The debate was on eggs V’s peas, which one would they prefer to be added to jjanjamyeon, then it got to eggs and meat and J-Hope said he does not like seeing animals suffer…

I hate having animals suffer,” said J-Hope

Then Jungkook came in fast pointing at him accusingly

“He just ate pork before this!” Jungkook yelled pointing at J-Hope who burst out laughing

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