BTS “BE_Log”: Kim Namjoon, A Rainy Day, Books & Then Gym

This journey of BTS’ log takes us to RM’s log. With a background music for their song “Blue & Grey” RM starts off with him driving during a rainy weather then waterfalls beat down as he reads sitting warm and comfy. Gives the mood of just chilling at home and doing what you enjoy doing, like reading a book, enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate or cuddling into a warm blanket watching the rain fall down your window.

RM then takes us to the Gym where he is working out, he made a short cameo in V’s log yesterday, but today he’s showing us a bit more of his work out routine. We love to see.

He then gives us a glimpse of the shooting for their lead single “Life Goes On” music video, and he’s then showing us a clip of the other members, then shooting of the “Blue & Grey” performance for their MTV Unplugged. His log with the waves splashing is as comforting as RM himself is.

Watch the full log

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