BTS’ ARMYs Take Up the “DeEntelPerúParaSuga를” Challenge for Yoongi’s Birthday LED ADs

It is just a few days to BTS Suga’s birthday and the many projects are ongoing. Companies are even engaging fans on challenges to help them celebrate the rapper’s birthday. Entel Peru set out a challenge that will see Suga get 2 LED birthday Ads on its building. Entel Perú S.A. provides mobile telephony solutions in Peru since its incorporation as Nextel del Perú S.A. in 1988.

The challenge was simple, get 28,000 retweets on its post and Entel Peru company will have a birthday LED Ad for BTS’ Suga on his birthday. Nothing ARMY loves more than challenges, and within some few hours, the challenge was completed.

“Love is the world’s common language Today; we will show you a lot of love for Suga’s birthday. #DeEntelPerúParaSuga를 If you use it to reach 28,000 retweets, we will dedicate the LED screen to him. @ARMYForce_Peru how is it? Shall we achieve it again??”

ARMY achived the challenge and a second one was set for getting 2 LED birthday Ads for Suga, this time get 30,000 retweets on the post.

“That is love We have achieved it again!!!Flexed biceps how is it? Will it increase our challenge? #DeEntelPerúParaSuga If I retweet only 30,000 with, I will activate 2 LED screens for Suga. Army, let’s do it, congratulate this birthday on Twitter (and in ARMY’s mind)”

Challenge was successfully completed.

Now fans wait for Suga’s LED birthday ads on Entel Peru

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