BTS Suga’s Birthday Month Begins With ARMY Charting “Daechwita” On US iTunes

BTS Suga’s birthday is upcoming on the 9th of March and ARMY have already started commemorating the day with special projects. One of those projects is getting Suga’s song “Daechwita” from his Mixtape D-2 released on May 22, 2020 is to get the song at #1 on US iTunes. Just yesterday, 2nd March, the song hit 200 Million views on YouTube, his first Music Video to achieve that milestone. And if there is anything that ARMY are known for, it is being consistent, loyal and determined to achieve the goals that they set.

Before their no. 1 hit song “Dynamite” was released, ARMY set out goals that they not only achieved but they went beyond! During J-Hope’s birthday, they had a challenge to trend a phrase form a telecommunication company to get Hobi’s birthday ad on their tower, within 1 hour the phrase was trending number one worldwide and in several countries, see where I am going with this?

Agust D’s “Daechwita” is already at #5 on US iTunes as I write this and its only been a few hours since #USbuysDaechwita started trending, now already at #5. Suga’s month could not begin any better than this!

Watch the music video

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