BTS “BE_Log”: Kim Taehyung, A Music Studio, Gym & Then Play Date

BTS started a new series “BE-Log” where the members will be sharing glimpses into their lives with fans, behind the scene footages, basically BTS being themselves, in a vlog kind of style. The first member to let us into his room and space was V. His log is tagged “Bear Tiger,” “V_log,” and “MyLife” with a background music of their song “Fly To My Room” from their latest album “BE”

All the BTS Logs

Winter Bear’s schedule for the day

BTS’ V took fans on the journey of his everyday work life by showing us him working on lyrics

He is recording his song “Snow Flower

he gave us a sneak peak into the Big Hit Gym where we can see him working out with RM. And then he is relaxing playing with his dog and a few clips of some of their photo shoots.

That is the calm part of V’s Vlog, what got ARMYs attention was definitely the clips showing V working out and then Namjoon makes a cameo showing off his buff body that ARMYs have been gushing over. The mas reaction was on a call to Big Hit to close the gym, trending “Close the Gym” and “I’m NOT OKAY” Big Hit ended up trending under “Fitness”

Day well spent with winter bear V

Watch full log

Close the Gym

Big Hit trended under “Fitness”

Watch V’s log

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