BTS Wins Grand Prize (Daesang) at The 2021 Korean Music Awards (KMA)

The 2021 Korean Music Awards (KMA), celebrating its 18th year, is an annual music award ceremony that awards musicians on the basis of artistic achievement rather than popularity or commercial success. BTS had been nominated in FIVE categories back in January when the year began. BTS received two awards at 2021 KMA (Korean Music Awards)

🏆 Best Pop Song “Dynamite”
🏆 Song of the Year “Dynamite”

BTS becomes the first artist in the history of the Korean Music Awards to win ‘Song of the Year’ twice, with “Fake Love” (2019) and “Dynamite” (2021). Says a lot to win Song Of The Year twice, since the Korean Music Awards (KMA) honors quality and determines winners 100% based on judges and critics.

BTS is now the artist with the most Grand Prizes (Daesangs) in the history of the Korean Music Awards (KMA), with 4!

BTS acceptance Speech

Jimin: We won Best Pop Song for Dynamite’ at the 2021 Korean Music Awards!

Namjoon: It’s a big prize. Dynamite. which was released last year was a song that we made in the hope of giving comfort and
Joy to people.

He received the love of so many people and it was great that we were very happy
at all times.

Jungkook: I think the sincerity that we put in Dynamite could reach a lot of people so, we are very grateful. We will show our gratitude best songs and performances in the future.

Seok-jin: We were able to receive this great award thanks to the passionate enthusiasm of all ARMYaround the world. we would like to thank youvsincerely again.

Tae-hyung: Yes, we would like to share this honor with ARMY more than anyone else. And to all Bighit employees who always work

Hard for us and the KMA committee, we would like to thank you.

J-Hope: We will become a better BTS that can make music together in good times and bad.

Namjoon: We were unable to attend due to our schedule and it was really unfortunate. but we are very grateful and proud to be able to participate.

BTS: Thank you!

🐨🐹🐰🐻🐿️🐥: Thank you!!

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