BTS’ J-Hope Releases “Blue Side” Single To Celebrate 3 Years Of His Mixtape “Hope World”

BTS’ J-Hope released his single “Blue Side.” The song he says, he wrote when he was working on his first mixtape “Hope World.” In the song we get to hear his beautiful vocals in a new light than what we are used to. The song has the perfect melody and blends so well with his signature rap style. The beautiful song speaks of precious memories, like a sweet pain and wanting to be held and comforted. The graphic on the song’s background has graffiti of several words. One that stands out is “Pandora’s Box.” This could be in reference to how his name, j-hope, came to be.

In his letter J-Hope wrote,

Its march 2.nd It’s also the 3rd year since the “Hope World” mixtape was released.

At that time, I had a rushing gravitation to show you guys my music. I remember just going wit the flow and writing down whatever I felt.

May be that’s why I feel a little embarrassed about it now that I hear the song again haha. But I also feel that the courage and dedication I had at that time is what made the “Hope World” mixtape come to life.

But in some ways I kinda miss that time in my life. When I was that young innocent boy just writing down whatever I felt like.

This is when I started to think that I should finalize “Blue Side.”

I feel like all people at one point invests their emotions into their past and then feel a sense of nostalgia. Right now is one of those moments for me.

That time when I innocently composed music. The young “me” who was like a blank canvas drawing in myself however I wanted.

I can’t go back in time but I needed a moment where I could caress myself in that time to provide comfort. I needed a blue safe haven that would help calm me from my overwhelming sense of passion.

Overtime I was able to find the answers to why I couldn’t finish this song. This was an overwhelming topic to talk about in the realm of music where I was able to express myself. I felt that it was fate that would ultimately help me feel what it is that I need to do (to finalize the song.)

Although it is just one song, I wanted to show how much I’ve matured musically in that time. This is a song that I’m also revealing to show that in the future, moving forward, I will continue to challenge myself in order to show you all the growth in me.

Please give it a good listen.

And please enjoy with comfort.


Listen to the beautiful song

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