James Corden & ARMY Celebrate One Year With “BTS Carpool Karaoke” Here’s Why The Show is Iconic

This iconic James Corden + BTS Carpool Karaoke turns one and fans always look at it with a lot of fondness since most of the fans started their BTS ‘rabbit hole’ with this video. As many people started getting into BTS, this is the video that showed the fun carefree side of BTS from their hard hitting Choreo and amazing vocals. This video showed more of their personalities and them just having fun.

And if you hear “Papa Mochi” and “Baby Mochi” this right here is the beginning of those two names. Jimin nicknamed James Corden, Papa Mochi and in turn James returned with “Baby Mochi,” watch video to find out how that came about. For celebrations like Jimin’s birthday, James Corden even changes his Shows’ Twitter handle to Papa Mochi. BTS had fun, new ARMYs were born!

Watch the karaoke

James Corden shared on Twitter the anniversary

There are always new people stumbling on the video or getting it recommended as they browse YouTube and they never look back after watching it.

Germanottass (21 hours ago) Who is who! For those who are new here: first row is Namjoon (RM), second row from left to right is Jimin, Hoseok (J-Hope) and Jungkook. Third row from left to right is Seokjin (Jin), Yoongi (SUGA) and Taehyung (V). 😎 A bit of extra info: RM, J-Hope and SUGA are rappers, while Jimin, Jungkook, Jin and V are vocalists 😊 hope it helps!

Remember when J-Hope was known as “the guy in the middle” because of his personality and bright laughter

Stan 7 amazing crackheads (13 hours ago) It’s been a year since “the guy in the middle” had trended And we got so many new armys because of this💜 #HobiOurSunshine

Here are some comments from 1 year ago, when the the video was first uploaded

yung vaeh (8 months ago) i just wanted to know their names- now I’m stuck forever

Linh Nguyen Hoang (11 months ago) The guy in the middle of the first row is giving me a summer vibe, he is full of energy and happiness

Katie (1 year ago) I’ve never seen people vibe harder in Carpool Karaoke than BTS

faith Wambui (1 year ago) These guys are hilarioussss I couldn’t stop smiling da whole time…

D. Claire (1 year ago) “I don’t know what he said, but let’s laugh” literally every international fans

Kayla Bautista Cruz (1 year ago) Jin is such a mood in this “I watched friends too…I still can’t speak English” “ I don’t know what he said but just laugh”

Lynn W (1 year ago) The ONLY carpool karaoke where someone is louder than James Corden

Aleina Tolerance (1 year ago) Don’t really know their music, but they are SOO funny!

Devansi Sinha (1 year ago) No one: Jin: “Well I watched Friends too but I can’t speak English” I’m actually crying this man is just

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