BTS V’s Vocal Appreciation During Cold Play’s “Fix You” Cover on MTV Unplugged

V comes in with his verse “When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep, Stuck in reverse,” and makes you want to listen some more. V is a baritone but he has the ability to switch to falsettos without a hitch. He has that voice that will sooth you to sleep and yet keep you awake because it is so beautiful you want to keep hearing it. It is as perfect as the pitter pater of rainfall on a glass window, simply sliding slowly down the glass as you stare at the lines the drop of water is leaving. V’s voice will leave you trailing from where it comes from and want to bask under its glowing gorgeous essence.

When you listen to V’s song in most BTS songs, you will always hear a distinct difference every time. From a deep raspy voice, growling to sweet almost soprano voice, his voice suits every song that he sings and you can distinctly pick him out from a crowd of people. V’s voice in unique in that I have never heard a voice like his, it is just unique to him. He sing like a well weathered old soul that has seen life come and gone. His voice is perfect for blues, jazz and classic music. V continues to keep the tone of the song “Fix You” and makes you want to wait for his turn again, and again. And then he finishes with “Lights will guide you home, And ignite your bones, And I will try to fix you” the PERFECT ending.

Watch the performance

Fans appreciating V’s vocals

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