BTS Jimin’s Vocal Appreciation During Cold Play’s “Fix You” Cover on MTV Unplugged

Jimin’s voice. Jimin’s voice is like honey dripping and soft melting ice on your tongue. There are so many words to describe his voice yet not enough that do it justice. Jimin has that sort of voice that is unique and once you know it, you can never mistake it even if he is singing with a million voices behind him. Jimin starts his verse with “When you lose something you can’t replace, When you love someone, but it goes to waste, Could it be worse?” that is where you begin to feel all these emotions bubbling up and you allow yourself to get lost in every word that Jimin is singing. He makes the words he sings come alive and hit you like a brick, you do not know whether you want to cry, laugh, feel pain, feel satiated, all you know is that you want him to keep singing.

He sings the song like it is his personal emotions that he is putting out there, which is no surprise because he puts his emotions on his sleeve most of the time. You can feel the touch and feel the mood of every verse that he touches with his matchless vocals. Add that to his right into your soul stare and you have the perfect recipe of falling in love with Jimin’s vocals without even realizing it, and that begins your journey into wanting to hear more different versions of that voice on different tracks. His voice is angelic and transforms emotions into molded works of art. His voice is art and music personified.

Watch the performance

Fans appreciating Jimin’s vocals

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