WATCH BTS Perform “Telepathy” on ‘MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS’ Live

BTS Performed “Telepathy” on “MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS.” This was their first live performance of the song live. “Blue & Grey” was an unforgettable performance that showed emotions that portrayed the song well. “Telepathy” lyrics describe the sad reality where BTS cannot meet fans due to the pandemic.” Telepathy” was written by El Capitxn, Hiss Noise, Jung Kook, RM and Suga, the powerful song debuted and charted at #70 on Billboard Hot 100 off their “BE” album which was released back on November 20th 2020

“First we miss you ARMY so much! We look forward to seeing you again and until then we will continue to stay by your side this year with good music.” Jungkook

“I hope you enjoyed our first ever performances of the b side tracks from our album “BE”” Jin

As much as the song is about BTS missing ARMY, the performance was fun as boys performed in what looked like a grunge garage or an game arcade as there were several gaming zones, there was a vintage motor bike which had ARMY logo, BTS always includes their fans in performances. It seems like it was a “Donald Duck” themed outfit style as they all rocked different details of the Disney character.

Watch the full performance

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