Cold Play Reacts To BTS’ Cover of Their Song “Fix You” After their MTV Unplugged Performance

BTS appeared on MTV Unplugged and performed among other songs from their “BE” album the cover to Cold Play’s song “Fix You.” After the performance The British band, Cold Play reacted to the performance on all their social media channels, showing their love. On YouTube they commented on the performance with the word “beautiful” in Korean and “Love” in English, along with BTS members individual initials. They also shared the performance on their Facebook stories and Instagram stories as well.

Cold Play Band

Fans were awed by the fact that Cold Play reacted so well to BTS performing the song since it is alleged that there are very rare occasions where the rock band allows artists cover their song. “Fix You” especially is a very sensitive and personal song to the rock band who have allegedly turned down offers from TV shows and other individuals/artists from using that specific song. Fans are even excited about a possible collab in the future between BTS and Cold Play

Check out the love that Cold Play showed for BTS’ cover of their song

Cold Play Twitter Page
Cold Play comments on BTS’s YouTube performance

Cold Play Instagram stories

Cold Play YouTube channel
Cold Play Facebook

Watch the full performance

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