BTS Shared Sneak Peek Of Their “MTV Unplugged” Special & Fans Have Amazing Performances To Look Forward To

When it was announced that BTS would be appearing on “MTV Unplugged” fans could not wait for the performance of a lifetime. “MTV Unplugged” is a series, which was started in 1989 and features musical artists performing unplugged versions of their songs. BTS then shared a sneak peak of what to expect from the show, and if it is anything like what is on the teaser, then ARMY can expect to have the time of their lives! On 19th February BTS shared a sneak peak of the event that will be aired live!

On February 23rd, BTS will be starring in their very own installment of the legendary show. According to MTV, the upcoming special will allow BTS to showcase never-before-seen versions of their hit songs in intimate settings. This leaves a lot of hopes that they will perform most of their new songs from their new album “BE”

Here is a sneak peak of their upcoming performance

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