BTS’ Jin & Suga’s ‘Savage’ Answer To Jimin’s Complaint in RUN BTS Will Leave You In AWE of Their Dynamism

BTS Suga and Jin are known for their straight forward answers that always leave fans either in awe or utterly shocked, in a good way. Jin is the King of savage answers when it comes to replying to messages on their Weverse App. He tells it as it is and never wastes time beating around the bush. Suga on the other hand is pretty much savage in life in general, whether it is during their bon voyage series, run BTS or even during lives, he will give you as it is, no this or that, well some of the time because the way he adores his members you’d think he has no single bone of sarcasm in him. That is why they made the perfect ‘savage’ dynamic duo when they answered Jimin during their episode 129 of their RUN BTS show.

During the show, BTS were leaning Tennis from famous tennis players and after the practice session they were paired into two teams. Suga, Jin and Jungkook were in one team, while J-Hope, RM, V and Jimin were in another team. As they were playing they got points if they scored and if you lost points were deducted

BTS Jimin, Suga and Jin

During one such match, points were given to Jin’s team during one of the sets. Jimin noted that whenever Jungkook’s team did the same mistake as they had done, their points were not taken away like they did on Jimin’s team

“Why is it a mistake when they do it, and a deduct from the point when we do it?” Jimin complained

And in perfect Suga reality check style, he answered Jimin

“Because Jungkook’s so cute” Suga deadpanned

Jin then chided in and added as a mater of fact…

“If you don’t like it, be reborn as the youngest” Jin told Jimin

The game continued on as the BTS editors added their own spice

“Full of love. Members let it slide as a mistake by the youngest” they wrote

After almost 8 years of living together, BTS know how far they can take their chides ad jokes without hurting the other person. By now all the members are used to Suga and Jin’s reality checks that they feel they need sometimes, usually the remarks come with chuckles and laughter in the end..

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