Four Years After BTS Jin’s Graduation Day, ARMY is Celebrating His Great Achievements by Taking Over Twitter Trends

Four years ago Kim Seok-jin aka Jin, singer, songwriter, and member of BTS graduated from the Konkuk University, South Korea with a degree in art and acting. He was scouted for the group while in university and joined Big Hit Entertainment as an actor, eventually transitioning to a Korean idol. Jin has co-written and released three solo tracks with BTS: “Awake” (2016), “Epiphany” (2018), and “Moon” (2020), all of which have charted on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. In 2019, Jin released his first independent song, the digital track “Tonight”. On December 3, 2020, Kim released his second solo song “Abyss” a day before his 28th birthday.

He also appeared on the 2016 Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth soundtrack alongside BTS member V. Kim has received critical praise for his falsetto and emotional range as a singer.

BTS Jin on the day of his graduation

Apart from singing, Kim has also appeared as a host on multiple South Korean music programs from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, he was awarded the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit by the President of South Korea along with the other members of BTS, for his contributions to Korean culture.

He initially intended to be an actor, attending Konkuk University and graduating with a degree in art and acting on February 22, 2017.He enrolled in graduate school at Hanyang Cyber University, to pursue studies in areas other than music.

Jin’s “Abyss” was composed by Jin and fellow BTS member RM, alongside record producers BUMZU and Pdogg. The lyrics, written by Kim, BUMZU and RM, were inspired by Kim’s feelings of anxiety, doubt, and burnout. In a post on the official BTS blog, Kim spoke about his insecurities regarding music and how those darker emotions drove him to write and release the song.

Jin is a tenor and can play the guitar. In Kim Young-dae’s 2019 novel BTS: The Review, members of the Grammy panel stated that his voice has stable breath control and a strong falsetto, calling it a “silver voice”.

Journalist Choi Song-hye, writing for Aju News, wrote that BTS singles such as “Spring Day” and “Fake Love” displayed Kim’s vocal stability, while the b-side “Jamais Vu” did so for his emotional range.

Hong Hye-min of The Korea Times described Kim’s voice as “tender, sorrowful, [and] free-spirited” and considered it to be the “standout element” on the solo ballad “Epiphany”.

Critic Park Hee-a, when discussing “Epiphany”, stated that Kim “sings the most sentimental emotions” of the solo tracks on Love Yourself: Answer. In a review of “Fake Love”, Park said that Kim’s belting “prove[d] [the song’s] effectiveness”.

Jin’s graduation day, celebrating with BTS members
BTS Jin said he always wanted to take a picture of him throwing his graduation cap, so he did

In December 2018, Jin donated various supplies to the Korean Animal Welfare Association to celebrate his birthday, purchasing food, blankets, and dishes for the organization. He also donated 321 kilograms of food to the Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA), another Korean animal welfare non-profit.

Since May 2018, Jin has been a monthly donor to UNICEF Korea, requesting that his donations be kept private at the time. They were eventually publicized following his induction into the UNICEF Honors Club in May 2019 for donating over ₩100 million (about US$84,000).

Fans celebrated Jin’s graduation anniversary with congratulatory messages and how Jin has inspired them

BTS members celebrated Jin’s graduation day with a cake

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