Happy 1st Year Anniversary To This Work Of Art That Is BTS Jungkook’s Song “My Time”

BTS Jungkook’s “MY TIME” is a song that talked about how Jungkook was missing out potential opportunities from his childhood, time with his loved ones & friends, and how his life was put on blast from such a young age. Jungkook also wrote this masterpiece which is the highest-charting BTS solo song in the history of Billboard Hot 100, the 1st BTS solo to achieve #1 in U.S, the 1st BTS solo to reach #1 on world digital songs sales and 1st BTS solo to sell 100k units in US.

“I wanted to let our fans know the real story about me so I put a lot of thought behind it. I used the analogy of time zones to express my feelings” Jungkook

His performance of the song was one of the highlights on their online “Map Of The Soul ON:E” concert because of how he interpreted the song during the dance.

Fans celebrate the anniversary of the song

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