Happy 1st Year Anniversary to This Superior Song That is BTS’ Suga, RM & J-Hope’s Song “UGH!”

“UGH!” was released on 21st February 2020 from BTS’ record breaking “Map Of The Soul 7” Album. The song is Produced by Supreme Boi and written by Supreme Boi, SUGA, RM, Hiss noise, J-Hope, icecream drum. The Rapline performed the song for the first time during their “Map Of The Soul ON:E” online concert.

The Korean title 욱 is pronounced wook. 욱하다 is to lose one’s temper because of sudden, explosive anger (often over trivial things). The English title UGH would be the sound you make when you are very mad and frustrated at something.

In the unit song “UGH!”, the rappers criticize a society in which people who hide behind masks of anonymity to cast their anger against others. RM, SUGA, and j-hope pour out their ‘anger against anger full of malice’ The lyrics. That. Speak of their conviction to stand up against a world dominated by rage give a glimpse into the pain BTS may have felt as witnesses or as victims of such anger.

Fans celebrating the anniversary

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