BTS Made a Call With “Life Goes On,” ARMY Returned the Call With “Thank You BTS,” Becomes No. 1 Trending Topic Worldwide

BTS relationship with ARMY has always been one that baffled the world of those who do not understand the dynamic. ARMY have always protected BTS viciously while BTS have also protected ARMY with a lot of intense love. When you learn about BTS’ journey to the place where they are today, you will understand the passion with which their fans love and protect them. ARMY is able to have this relationship with BTS because the Grammy nominees have always been open books to their fans, sharing both the good, bad, ugly, happy, proud moments. That is why they can relate with the members at such a close, personal and intimate.

Back in October 2020, BTS wrote letters to ARMY when they were in the process of creating their new album “BE,” ARMY then responded to those letters pouring out their hearts to the 7 men who have changed the world and created a movement of loving yourself.

Today BTS shared voice call versions of each member of their song “Life Goes On” The viddo starts with each indivisual member looking at the screen as if someone waiting for a ringing call, “picks” as they start to sing “Life Goes On.” In the end, each member holds up a handwritten note with words of love and encouragement to ARMY. The words “THANK YOU BTS” trended at number one worldwide together with “Video Call” and “OUR COMFORT JUNGKOOK”

BTS Jungkook

Jungkook : “Somebody can crack your heart (hurt you), when it happens I want to be the person who can be the comfort and strength for you… “


Taehyung : “ARMY, thank you so much, I became a happy person because of you 🙂 BTS💜 ARMY. We purple U”

BTS Jimin

Jimin : “Although the waiting will be long I believe the day we will meet each other will come without fail. Please stay healthy until that day❣️”

BTS J-Hope

Hoseok : “ARMY~💜💜 Don’t be sick!! Be healthy!! Let’s be together!! Forever💜💜”

BTS Suga

Yoongi: “I hope everybody will be healthy in 2021. I miss you ARMY!!”


Seokjin: “Please try to see the world with another angle💜”


Namjoon : “Are you doing well? Let’s think about each other looking at the sky sometimes. :)!!”

Now ARMY is responding the Call through letters written in appreciation to the boys and thanking them for their contribution to their existence


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