BTS’ J-Hope Donated ₩150 Million to Charity On His Birthday to Support Children With Disabilities

BTS’ J-Hope is not just the best rapper, songwriter, singer, dancer, and record producer, he is an incredible human being with the most beautiful soul in the world. He is a philanthropist who has been giving back to society to ease the pain of the less fortunate. His music is always meant to bring some peace and comfort to the listener, that is why he released his “Hope World” mixtape, to be a “Piece of Peace” he had said.

BTS’ J-Hope donated to ChildFund Korea charity on his birthday (18 February). He donated ₩150 million to support children with visual and hearing impairments.

“I heard that the number of families in vulnerable situations is increasing significantly due to the prolonged COVID-19 crisis, and support for disabled children is urgently needed. I hope this donation will further expand social interest in supporting children with disabilities.”


J-Hope has donated to the charity over the years for different reasons and for different purposes

J-Hope has been a member of the “Green Noble Club”, which recognizes high-value donors of Child Fund Korea, since 2018. On February 18, 2019, he donated ₩100 million (approximately US$90,000) to the organization in support of those attending his high school alma mater in Gwangju.

He had previously donated ₩150 million (roughly US$135,000) in December 2018, but requested the donation be private at the time. In December 2019, he donated another ₩100 million.

On November 17, 2020, he donated ₩100 million in support of children experiencing economic difficulties amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

ChildFund Korea chairman Lee Je-hoon has thanked J-Hope for his continued support and donations, noting that,

“His good influence is leading to increased inquiries in [donations] by both domestic and foreign ARMY. ChildFund Korea will also do our best to support children from low-income families in accordance with the wishes of all our donors, including J-Hope.” Lee Je-hoon

BTS will be releasing their new edition album “BE (Essential Edition)” tomorrow! (19th February) and they are also set to appear on the iconic MTV Unplugged stage on 23rd February.

BTS also earned their first Grammy nomination on 24th November 2020 in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” category for the awardcwremony which will be held on 14th March 2021.

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