ARMY Lit up The Sky & Streets With Outstanding Worldwide Projects for BTS J-Hope’s Birthday

It has been months in the planning, deciding, suggesting, and creating BTS J-Hope’s special birthday projects. Nobody celebrates BTS’ birthdays like ARMY, it usually a day to share moments, beautiful moments and memories that they have had with the boys. They send out these messages to remind the boys about how important they are to ARMY, how much they have changed lives, how much they have inspired people’s little acts of kindness, in case they forget how good they are or how much they deserve the world, after giving from their hearts.

Every year, the birthday projects are bigger, more detailed and special. BTS have had their birthday shared on monumental buildings, Jimin had birthday ads in the largest mall in Dubai, V had his birthday ad on the world’s tallest building in Dubai, and now J-Hope had his ad on the Ostankino Tower in Moscow among other places in the world. ARMY found a way to gift BTS for all the positivity and love that they share throughout the year, just for one day fans get to reciprocate their Love for them in big or small special ways. Hobi day celebrations went from Gwangju, Time Square New York, Ostankino Tower in Moscow Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Metro De Medellin, Peru, Mexico, Lagos, Guatemala, to Philippines..

Here are some beautiful birthday projects

Ostankino Tower, Moscow

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