20 Times RUN BTS Editors ‘Savage’ Level Was Hilarious & Well, Savage in Episode 129

BTS’ weekly variety show Run BTS! is always hilarious, just watching the seven members play the games competitively is enough for you not to want to watch any other comedy. If they are not betraying each other, they are planning evil pranks against each other, if they are not fighting over simple, ‘cheap’ prizes, they are outwitting each other in games. But, there is the other unknown or well known player in this game that is RUN BTS, and that eighth player is, the show’s EDITORS!

RUN BTS Editors area s special breed of comedians themselves. Their captions are always 100X funnier than the program sometimes. Their witty comments make the show even more chaotic. they will be complimenting one member, other times they are fanning fuel to whatever argument is happening, other times they will be pointing out mistakes in such a funny way leaving you in stitches. Sometimes the editors shower the members with fangirly, cooing-worthy compliments, especially when it comes to the youngest, golden maknae of BTS. Other times, they get savage, and today the savagery was on a higher level, like, they came for the kill.

Here are moments where their comments made for a rewarding show.

Commenting on how BTS were hitting the tennis ball too high up in the air that they kept saying “home run”

Jin was bragging how he was doing so much better and called out RM, the editors clapped back at how less than perfect Jin was

They added an illuminated light around J-Hope after his turn that proved just how good he was. They probably know that fans call him sunshine!

Suga was not spared at how he was playing the tennis game

The editors love to fangirl over V and they did not loose the chance to complement him or was it a spicy jab?

Suga, main target of editors’ savagery today

The members were joking about V’s strategy of trying to be cool while playing the game, to which V responded that Games are played to look cool

Editors did not miss that and asked us to watch the cool cat, and unfortunately V missed the throw

Everyone was complaining about how the other team won over them and J-Hope knew exactly where the mistake was. So the editors referred to his past history of playing tennis when he was young and got a bronze medal

Now they want him to get a silver medal instead…

While Jimin was practicing they noted that they, Big Hit, was not churning out professional tennis players

The editors called out the fans for not reading the subtitles

Then asked them to just watch Jungkook breaking a sweat

To define J-Hope’s greatness in tennis, the editors referred to his hit song “Chicken Noodle Soup”

They just never stop!

We all know that J-Hope loves to say “Oh, Yeah” so they asked the question…

… and answered themselves with an…

Was this a consolation for RM or just plain savagery?

Just. no comment

We love BTS for their beautiful chaotic selves in each RUN BTS, but we love the editors too for their witty responses, jabs, questions and dead face statements that leave you cracking your ribs!

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