Everything Is ‘Basic’ Until BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung Wears It

The brand that is BTS Kim Tae-hyung aka V, is not only something to be admired but hailed as priceless and not easily replicated. He is unmistakably beautiful with a pure personality to match. V’s airport fashion is always impeccable, he has various looks that he gives off probably depending on his mood. He will give you relaxed boyfriend look, vintage artsy look, classic denim longing look or even casual shorts on a summer day. V has been causing outfits to sell off the shelves in seconds, while creating trends with whatever he wears and photographers are able to capture him. It is not only the clothes that V wears that give off that stylish classy man look, the way he carries himself also shines through the clothes. The attitude he has whenever he is strolling down the red carpet, one arm in his pocket_ probably his signature walk_ and the different angles of his god-like jawline.

BTS usually inspire ARMY to create boards with their fashion choices and this was one of those creative posts that decided to showcase how V is the epitome of a “classy man.” The comparison was being made between the outfit and V wearing it.

This long pink jacket was a perfect fit, he wore it like the perfect model that he is, plus that look showing off his side profile that both Jimin and Jungkook agree, he owns it. V wore this look at SBS Gayo Daejun 2019

V rocked this look so effortlessly like he could be the one modeling it on the runway. He wore this fit for their Esquire Magazine cover

V looks good in a sweater, and the color green compliments his honey skin complexion

This red Fendi shirt dress was the perfect outfit for their performance. He wore it at the 2019 KBS Gayo DaeChukje

Brands should really give V a modelling gig, he wears clothes like a boss. He wore this during the 2019 MAMA performing “Boy With Luv” and “Mikrokosmos”

V wore this look for their “Boy With Luv” dance practice and its simple yet looks chic on him

How can a simple button up shirt look this good on a person? V can relate. He wore this during one of their “Dynamite” interview

This yellow suit was the biggest surprise, how can a human pull off yellow, navy blue and pink in one outfit combination? He wore this for their 2020 35th Golden Disk Awards (GDA 2021) dynamite performance

This look for their “Dynamite” era gave V that easy boyfriend look. The look was first seen when the music video for “Dynamite” was released on 21st August 2020

Who can forget “Guy in Green Suit?” V trended for wearing this suit for their “Dynamite” music video teaser. He literally broke ARMY and non fans with this look

What can we say, V is the visual King and the absolute fashionista, whether he is rocking casual airport fashion, on the red carpet or at fashion awards, V, knows what fits and works for him.

Post Courtesy of Tweeter user “ziane @strxwbeary_”

ARMY reacting to V’s talents at effortlessly modelling like a natural

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