BTS To Release Japanese OST “Film Out” Produced by Jungkook, ARMY Trends Producer Jungkook to Celebrate The News

The news that BTS will release a Japanese OST with “Back Number” called Film Out in April 2nd featuring production from Jungkook and Iyori Shimizu was received by fans with a lot of excitement. To celebrate the news ARMY took to twitter and started trending “Producer Jungkook,” “Producer JK,” “PROD JK”. This will be the second time that Jungkook will be producing an OST for Japanese film. Last year his self composed, written and produced song “Your Eyes Tell” was used as an OST for a Japanese film under the same name which made him the first international OST composer in history to be credited on theater’s promotional posters of a Japanese movie production for his song “Your Eyes Tell” The film, which was recently released in Japan, is a remake of the Korean film “Only You” (2011) starring Sossyup and Han Hyo-so.

BTS are also explosively popular in Japan and have consistently participated in local dramas and film OST. In the first half of this year, BTS’ Japanese song “Stay Gold” was selected as the subject of the TV Tokyo drama Labyrinth of Hessun – DNA ScienceSuit..

BTS spoke about the OST and said,

“‘Film Out’ is a song that we made together with Shimizu and after we received the demo we were captured by the melody. The melody and the lyrics express an emotional pop ballad genre. We think this song will move many people’s hearts.”

The movie poster

The fact that Jungkook is only 23 and has been achieving such great milestones is something to be proud of and commend the golden maknae for. He always works hard at what he loves and it is truly paying off!

Congratulations Jeon Jung-kook, well deserved!

Watch the trailer below

Fans excited with anticipation of the upcoming movie and the OST

2 thoughts on “BTS To Release Japanese OST “Film Out” Produced by Jungkook, ARMY Trends Producer Jungkook to Celebrate The News

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