BTS’ Jin Leaves a Warm Cuddly Friend and a Piano That Will Create Fond Memories in ARMYs Curated Room

Today the Hyung of the BTS members comes in to add his own final touches that will complete ARMY’s room. Before we find out what he is adding, let’s remember what the others had to say about ARMYs room. BTS’ Suga said “I’m sure the time will come again soon when I can put up new pictures of new cities where we got to meet ARMY.” RM said “I hope that through this beautiful piece my full-moon wish to gift you a warm day will be felt by all ARMY.” Jungkook said “Think of this friend as ME. Talk, feed, care for and cherish this little friend, who thrives on your love.”

Jimin said “I think everyone needs space where you don’t need to think too hard and can find a moment of relaxation.” V said “I think I hear jazz from Sammy Davis Jr. or Frank Sinatra from this turntable, perfect to give you warmth on a cold winter day” and J-Hope said “I wanted to make sure I can put in ARMYs room a rug that can embrace you full of love and warm like I can.“ They all added their personal touches to ARMY’s room.

In his personal room that Jin created for his photo concept, Jin chose Jewels and reminded us that sometimes we forget how precious we are, the biggest diamond and precious jewel is the one staring back in your own mirror. Jin loves to play the piano, and he is really good at it, so he chose to add it to ARMY’s room. Since it creates beautiful music, it will bring fond memories between ARMY and BTS once he plays it again. Jin knows that songs have that magical effect of filling your heart with fond memories, especially when you hear a certain song being played.

His addition of a puppy seeks to have a loyal companion that will always be there for you, listen to you and run to you like you are the best thing in the world, puppies tend to do that, which is just the perfect gift to add to the room. A puppy will listen to you without judgement, will love you unconditionally and protect you with its life, which is a perfect representation of the relationship between BTS and ARMY, loyalty and eternal love.

BTS is set to release a new version of their latest album “BE” which will drop on 19th February.

The ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ Album is set to feature eight songs from the BE Deluxe Edition. “Life Goes On,” “Fly to My Room,” “Blue & Grey,” “Skit,” “Telepathy,” “Dis-Ease,” “Stay” and “Dynamite,” as well as additional material. The last few days BTS have released “BTS Notes” which had all the individual members singing clips of the songs from the “BE” album plus an additional Notes from the song “Fly to My Room.”

With their chart topping and record-breaking track “Dynamite”, BTS earned their first group nomination on 24th November 2020 for Grammys 2021 in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” category.

BTS’ Jin in his narration about the room explains,

“I’m taking a break from it now, but I used to play the piano so that I could have a hobby. It’s an instrument I want to have a go at again, so that’s why I put in in ARMYs room. The piano is an instrument that resonates with many people and someday I hope to play a song that can resonate in ARMYs hearts. I think of our “I NEED U’ days whenever I think about the piano. I don’t really know why. I think a piano tune makes you recall fond memories. Think back and reminisce about your fond memories with us with this piano.”

“My eyes spy a cute little friend in ARMYs room. Just looking at a cute puppy, just the existence of a puppy is therapeutic. I hope that this puppy can give you a little bit of comfort and consolation in ARMY’s daily life. Hoe about “Bangtani” for its name? if you had a tough day let it all out to Bangtani like you’re talking to us. I’m sure Bangtani will be by your side in no time to comfort you. “

Since Big Hit has been following the order of the release of “BTS Notes,” the last member is Jin. SO WE GOT 7 SOLO ROOMS BY THE 7 MEMBERS UNTIL 16TH OF FEB.

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