BTS Suga’s Curated Room For ARMY Shows Off His Memories With Fans

BTS had earlier back in November 2020 curated rooms for themselves with their individual styles and taste as part of their teaser for their new album “BE” that was released on 20th November. Suga’s concept photo for his room was filled with blue hues as it is his favorite color. This time they are curating rooms for ARMY filled with their precious thoughts about ARMY. BTS have released a new series titled “Curated for ARMY” and it starts off with Suga creating a room that is filled with memories that he says are to remember the times they travelled and could meet ARMY. The room is filled with details that Suga explains in his narration about the room he curated for ARMY.

BTS is set to release a new version of their latest album “BE” which will drop on 19th February.

The ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ Album is set to feature eight songs from the BE Deluxe Edition. “Life Goes On,” “Fly to My Room,” “Blue & Grey,” “Skit,” “Telepathy,” “Dis-Ease,” “Stay” and “Dynamite,” as well as additional material. The last few days BTS have released “BTS Notes” which had all the individual members singing clips of the songs from the “BE” album plus an additional Notes from the song “Fly to My Room.” With the release of “Curated for ARMY” fans are seeing the significance of that correlation and wondering whether there is something special happening with the “Fly to My Room” song, a Music Video maybe?

With their chart topping and record-breaking track “Dynamite”, BTS earned their first group nomination on 24th November 2020 for Grammys 2021 in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” category.

BTS Suga in his narration about the room explains,

“Sleepy Suga needs his bed. A home is not a home without a bed! I wanted to put only the best in ARMYs room, so I put in a bed with a neutral walnut frame. The bed we have is made in a similar way, so I tried to replicate that design. I put a soft fluffy mattress on it, so whenever you feel the need to nap try and make yourself one with this bed.”

“Since I’m away from the other members these days, I’ve been looking at the pictures we took together. There were some photographs with fond memories of the members and ARMY. I hung up a few pictures because I thought something that could jog your memories with BTS could be a nice addition to your room. Since BTS and ARMY are together forever, I drew in our logos, and I thought there could be a string of pictures from cities we toured in. I’m sure the time will come again soon when I can put up new pictures of new cities where we got to meet ARMY”


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