BTS’ “Black Swan” Live Performance Finally Returns on James Corden Show’s YouTube Channel

The power that is ARMY is one force that the world cannot deny. When it comes to BTS, the fans are usually protective of them to the tooth and nail, whether it be against other artists, the media, or even the members’ company. A few weeks back, fans noticed that there were several BTS live performances that were deleted from the hosts’ YouTube channel. This caused quite a stir as most of those videos, over 25, were BTS’ older performances and some were even the band’s first performances in the United States. Fans were disappointed that their “boys” hard work was going down the drain as they worked hard to showcase their talent which was being dismissed.

One such performance was “Black Swan” performance on the James Corden Show. The performance was the first ever live performance of the song form their album “Map Of The Soul: 7” this was a historical moment and one that should be preserved. When one searched for the performance on James Corden’s YouTube it was unavailable. Fans trended #BighitBuyPerformanceRights on Twitter and voiced their disappointment and feelings of frustration.

It seems the outcry has been heard, for whatever reason, whether from BigHit’s side or James Corden’s side, or both, the “Black Swan” live performance on the James Corden show was reuploaded.

Enjoy this iconic BTS performance, before it disappears again!

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