BTS’ J-Hope Birthday Challenge 18th January to 5th February

BTS J-Hope’s birthday is upcoming and as usual there are several projects and fun things to do as ARMY prepares for his big day on 18th February. I love challenges especially the ones involve. I found this challenge on Twitter and had to jump in because it’s so fun and gets you commuted to doing something.

The challenge is simple, since J-Hope’s birthday is on 18th February, the celebrations started from 18th January where there is a daily prompt with an idea to follow through. Since it already started from 18th I decided to do all the prompts from 18th January up until today 5th February, then go from there until we get to his birthday.

BTS J-Hope’s birthday challenge DAILY chart

18th January. Describe in 5 words what makes J-Hope special






19th January. J-Hope’s best moment of 2020

J-Hope giving the speech for their “Best Dance Male” award at the 2020 MMA Awards

20th January. Which song/ artist makes you think of Hobi when you listen to it

I think Hobi is just Hobi, the only artist I can compare him with is Jung Ho-seok, himself. I really did try to find but my mind kept coming back to him

21st January. In which country would you like to spend winter days with Hobi

South Korea, specifically where they did a photo shoot for the winter package

22nd January. In which city/ country would you like to spend summer days with Hobi

I would spend summer with J-Hope in Greece, for the awesome sceneries and culture

23rd Jnauary. What kind of dance style would you like to see Hobi dancing

I would love to see J-Hope doing ball room dancing

24th January. Describe in 1 photo/ video your favourite Hobi Bon Voyage moment

J-Hope saying “Important Business”

25th Jnauary. Favourite Hobi dance performance

BTS JHOPE Fake Love – MMA 2019 intro

26th January. Favourite Hobi singing performance

J-Hope’s part in “Make It Right”

27th January. Favourite Hobi rapping performance

J-Hope’s part in “Tear”

28th January. Favourite Hobi airport outfit

This look.

29th Jnauary. 4 pics of Hobi boyfriend material

These 4 fits. Hobi looks classic, chic, hot in every outfit

30th January. Book you wanna recommend to Hobi

Not read it, just checked out Korean authors and this one seemed interesting

31st January. 3 strongest points of J-Hope (artist)


Detail oriented

Fluid dance

1st February. 3 strongest points of Jung Ho-seok


Neat freak

Compassionate full of empathy

2nd February. When J-Hope smiles—- (fill the blank)

he lights up the whole world

3rd February. Which Hobi verse is your remedy

J-Hope’s verse in “Magic Shop”

The verse

Like a rose when blooming
Like cherry blossoms when being scattered in the wind
Like morning glory when fading
Like that beautiful moment

I wanted to become your comfort and move your heart
I want to take away your sadness, and pain

4th February. With Hobi in my life —- (fill the blank)

…I feel complete and safe and happy

5th February. Favourite pic of Hobi with flowers

I couldn’t decide on one so I just picked a few, he looks too good with flowers

Happy almost birthday our sunshine!

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