Italian Artist Giovanni Contardi Created an Incredible Portrait of BTS’ Jimin Using Rubik Cubes

BTS have always been the muse for many artists, actors, musicians and other celebrities. whether it be as musician’s or as idols, BTS have inspired a lot of creative work from individuals or organizations. A few months back BTS’ V was featured in a well know Korean Artist’s Exhibition as Artwork to be displayed at a museum gallery. The artwork was done by using consonants and vowels of Hangeul to create V’s portrait.

An Italian Rubik Cube artist has created BTS member’s mosaic portraits and shared on his TikTok account that has 325.1K followers. The creation process of the portraits of Suga, V, Jimin and Jungkook already has over 1 million likes. The first one he did had 6.6 million likes.

Giovanni Contardi working on Jimin’s portrait

The Rubik’s Cube is the best-selling toy in the world. Giovanni Contardi’s portraits are popular on Instagram and are sold for tens of thousands of dollars. His account is now followed by almost 350 thousand users and some of the celebrities portrayed in his works have reposted his videos and photos, bringing him a fair amount of popularity.

Giovanni Contardi with one of his portraits

“The first time I solved the Rubik’s cube it took me about 3 minutes (not bad!). When I was at the top of my speedcubing career I could do it in about 8 seconds, on average. Now that I am more focused on creating art, it takes me more time, about ten seconds: I have lost touch a bit!” Giovanni Contardi source

Actor Will Smith’s portrait by Giovanni Contardi

Actor and ex wrestler “The Rock” portrait by Giovanni Contardi

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