Eight incredible Years With BTS Jungkook, Why ARMY is Celebrating Him Now

Today marks the very day 8 years ago, that Jungkook was first introduced as a member of the band BTS. ARMY trends #8yearswithJungkook in celebration of the 8th anniversary of Jungkook’s reveal as a member of BTS. The hashtag has been trending at the top #1 worldwide for over 8 hrs. ARMY reminisce the day Jungkook was introduced through a tweet on BTS’ official twitter account. Jungkook was the fifth member to join BTS. 8 years ago today RM also introduced Jungkook as a member of BTS with a cover of Like a Star by J.Cole. Here are some few facts about the golden maknae to celebrate this precious boy that has touched everyone’s hearts with his music, talents and general beautiful nature.

In 2011, Jungkook auditioned for the South Korean talent show Superstar K during its auditions in Daegu. Though he was not selected, he received casting offers from seven entertainment companies. He revealed that he eventually chose to become a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment after seeing RM perform and thought he was cool, now RM is not only his fellow band member but also a leader in BTS

To work on his dance skills in preparation for debut, he went to Los Angeles during the summer of 2012 to receive dance training from Movement Lifestyle. In June 2012, he appeared in Jo Kwon’s “I’m Da One” music video and also worked as a backup dancer for Glam before his debut. He graduated from Seoul’s School of Performing Arts, an arts high school, in 2017. Jungkook has been credited as the main producer for two of BTS’ songs: “Love is Not Over” and “Magic Shop”.

In October 2018, he broke the record of most real-time viewers with his solo live broadcast in V Live history, with more than 3.7 million viewers worldwide; in December 2018, a video of him singing in the studio became the most retweeted tweet in South Korea that year

Jungkook’s popularity has earned him the nickname “Sold Out King” as items that he is seen using often sell out quickly. These include shoes, Downy fabric softener, wine, novels—namely I Decided to Live as Me by Kim Soo-hyun, which became a best-seller in both Korea and Japan—and Hanbok. Korean media reported that Jungkook had created a “Modern Hanbok” fashion trend in the Korean entertainment industry when celebrities such as Jun Hyun-moo, Jang Do-yeon, Gong Hyo-jin, MC Oh Seung-hwan and The Return of Superman’s Park Joo-ho began wearing similar clothing after he was photographed wearing it.

Jungkook was 2019’s most-searched male K-pop idol on Google according to their mid-year chart. He topped the chart again in 2020, and was the most searched K-pop idol on YouTube in 2019 and 2020. On Tumblr, he ranked 1st in ‘Top K-Pop Stars’ for 3 consecutive years. On Twitter, he had the most retweeted tweet of 2019, and the 2nd most retweeted tweet of 2020.

In 2019 Jungkook won the Global Instagrammer at the MTV Millennial Awards despite him not having an individual Instagram account. The power this man holds!

Jungkook has three #1’s songs on Billboard World Digital Song Sales composed by Him, They include, “My Time”, “Your Eyes Tell” which was an OST on a Japanese movie and “Stay” which is one of the songs on their latest album “BE”. He’s the first BTS member to achieve this feat!

Fans express their love by tweeting precious words they have for Jungkook and how much of an influence he has been in their lives.

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