WATCH BTS Suga’s “Daechwita” Sword Dance Practice

When BTS Suga released “Daechwita” the whole world literally went berserk over how outstandingly good not only the song, visuals, story line and lyrics were but how flawlessly Suga handled the sword. “Daechwita” was the lead single to Suga’s latest Mixtape – D2 that had been long and anxiously awaited released in 2020. Fans were fascinated by his skills in the sword dance part in the explosive song. It was flawless that some may have even doubted whether it was real. In their latest Bangtan Bomb series on YouTube, we get to see Suga practicing his sword dance in his hit single “Daechwita.”

In the shooting sketch Suga revealed that he learnt that the song “Daechwita”  would have a sword dance, so he had to practice the dance in just 2 days! We know that BTS is always involved in the making of their albums, from the writing, composing and even producing the music. Suga revealed that he was totally involved in choosing the sword to be used in the sword dance and that it was an authentic sword made by a craftsman.

“When we were preparing props, I made a list of swords. It’s called ‘hwando’ in Korean. I looked up Joseon ‘hwando’ and collected about 20 images and sent them to the company to choose one. So, I use ‘hwando’ that was made by a real craftsman” Suga

He also said that real swords turned out to be too heavy and had a cumbersome blade which made the blade to be switched to aluminum a lighter metal instead of steel.

Suga is a hard worker and perfectionist and will not settle for anything less than what he has envisioned as the end result to be. You can see how focused he is during the practice as he takes instructions well. He is using a real sword that he bought himself from a Korean craftsman, and is handling it like a professional, checking the progress to perfect the areas he wants to do better.

Watch the full video

Watch the sword dance in action in the MV

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